More $ needed to make schools better?: Charter Schools Series pt 3

(Caroline Hoxby, Ph.D of Stanford explodes myth that public schools do not have enough money)

Max Brantley is always pointing out there is a billionaire boys club that is supporting the Charter School movement in Arkansas. In his article “Money talks in Charter School Debate,” (September 11, 2010), he lists these prominent gentleman. Liberals who follow Brantley in the Arkansas Times would tell you that the public schools need more money in order to do better. However, the facts do not back up that assertion.

Caroline Hoxby, Ph.D., the Scott and Donya Bommer Professor of Economics at Stanford University has noted:

The United States spends more money per pupil on public K-12 schooling than any other country in the world. Some of the school districts that are the most embarrassing for Americans like Newark, NJ or Washington D.C. are some of the most expensive in the world. So it is hard to make the case that the problem America has is just that it is not spending enough money… We have raised per pupil spending (in real inflation adjusted terms)  every single year for the last 40 years… (Not having enough money) is not the source of the problem for American education.

Hoxby is also a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution, the director of the Economics of Education Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and Senior Fellow of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

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