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Great Christmas songs (Part 3)






Paul McCartney “Wonderful Christmas Time”

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A music video of Paul’s great Christmas song to the scenes of Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

From Wikipedia:

Wonderful Christmastime” is a 1979 Christmas song by Paul McCartney. It enjoys significant Christmas time popularity around the world.[1] The notable synthesiser riff was played on a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5. The song was later added as a bonus track on the CD reissue of WingsBack to the Egg. Although the song did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, it reached #6 in the United Kingdom Singles Chart.[2] The video was filmed at the Fountain Inn in Ashurst, West Sussex.[3]

McCartney recorded the song entirely on his own during the sessions for his solo project McCartney II. Although the members of Wings are not on the recording, they do appear in the video.[4]

Fellow ex-Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison had already released festive singles, and Ringo Starr made a Christmas album in 1999. Of all of the former Beatle seasonal offerings, Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” and McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” have become two of a large number of popular Christmas songs played year after year. “Wonderful Christmastime” can be heard in the 1998 animated film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie during Santa’s takeoff on Christmas Day. Wings performed the song during their 1979 tour of the UK,[5] and McCartney included the song as an encore during his Good Evening Europe tour.[6]

McCartney has since gone on to state that he is now embarrassed about this record,[citation needed] yet it continues to receive substantial airplay every year. Including royalties from cover versions, it is estimated that Paul McCartney makes $400,000 per year from this song, which puts its cumulative earnings for this song at near $15 million.[7]

[edit] Cover versions


One of my favorite Christmas songs from Evie:

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Evie Tornquist-Karlsson was Christian Music’s greatest sweetheart , she took the world by storm with her sweet angelic face & voice that touched everyone’s heart with her love for Jesus. She will forever be known as the girl who sang her songs for Jesus Christ. She was born 1957 in Rahway, New Jersey, professionally known as Evie, is a Contemporary Christian music singer who was known in the late 1970s and early 1980s for songs such as “Say I Do”, “My Tribute”, “Live For Jesus”, “Pass It On”, “Never The Same”, “Mirror”, “Born Again”, “Come On Ring Those Bells”, “Step Into The Sunshine” and “Four Feet Eleven”.

Born in the United States to Norwegian immigrants, Evie began her singing career as a young teenager while visiting her parents’ homeland. She released her English language debut album at the age of 16 in 1974, and went on to release more than 30 albums, including several in various Scandinavian languages. Evie was recognized as the Dove Award recipient of Female Vocalist of the Year for 1977 and 1978. She married Swedish pastor and musician Pelle Karlsson in 1979 and retired from performing music in 1981 to pursue other avenues of ministry, such as Sky Angel.

In the early 1980s Pelle and Evie Karlsson felt the Lord’s leading to join the “SKY ANGEL DOMINION NETWORK”. The Lord used them both in a might way for the Lord’s glory. While there, they recorded a few other albums. Evie and her husband has since left the SKY ANGEL NETWORK a number of years ago. Although Evie is “officially” retired from performing and doing concerts all the time on a regular basis since 1981 – she is still pursuing her music ministry with White Field Music, (owned by Pelle and Evie Karlsson) in Florida and very much involved in missions work with Back to Jerusalem. A vital, encouraging work. They also produce a wonderful outstanding 30 minute weekly series for Back To Jerusalem which can be viewed online. The weekly broadcast can be viewed her which is hosted by Pelle & Evie – http://www.backtojerusalem.com/video/latestBroadcast.html
All of the past episodes of the broadcast can be featured for downloading / viewing here –

Evie still does some concerts in Churches and in other venues and is also still on tour. She also tours to different venues with Rebecca St. James in a Mother and Daughter outreach series of programs they put on called, the “SHE” events. The SHE event tour with Evie for dates, and locations and more info please visit the SHE event tour dates – http://www.sheevent.com/events.html

Evie currently resides with her husband Pelle in Florida. Their two children, Kris and Jenny Karlsson are now out of high school. Jenny is already now very recently married and is a school teacher. Evie and her music is still loved today more then ever, and Evie albums are still being hunted down and collected by her fans. I had the wonderful privilege of having a very special invitation to a Concert that Evie was able to take part of, in September of 2005. Earlier, that year in February Evie was officially inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame on February 22, 2005.