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Pro-life meeting at 1st Baptist Little Rock shows prayer works


President and Nancy Reagan talking to Mother Teresa in the Oval Office. 6/20/85.

Superbowl commercial with Tim Tebow and Mom.

Jason Tolbert wrote a great article this week about a pro-life meeting. He mentons William Harrison who I have written about before on this blog.

I used to write letters to the editor a whole lot back in the 1990′s.  I am pro-life and many times my letters would discuss current political debates, and I got to know several names of people that would often write in response letters to my published letters. One of those individuals was a Dr. William F. Harrison from Fayetteville. Later I found out from reading an article by David Sanders that Dr. Harrison was an abortionist.

Below I have included a moving article about a lady named Abby Johnson who moved from working for Planned Parenthood to the pro-life movement. Also I have listed many of my previous pro-life posts.

Stopping abortion with compassion and prayer

Posted on 31 July 2011

By Jason Tolbert

No demonstrations broke out; no graphic signs were thrust in the air, and protesters were nonexistent last week as about half-a-thousand Arkansans met to try to put an end to abortion in Arkansas.

The group gathered in Little Rock’s First Baptist Church to pray about it and to hear a story of how compassion changed one lady’s heart from a top-level executive with Planned Parenthood to an outspoken pro-life advocate.

“The beginning of the end of abortion could come from Razorback country,” said Shawn Carney, representing an organization called 40 Days for Life. The organization coordinates efforts across the country where pro-life activists peacefully demonstrate outside abortion clinics, praying for an end to abortion and making themselves available for counseling for women who would like to visit with them.

Carney credits the organization’s efforts for helping to close 14 abortion clinics across the country, including one in Arkansas — Fayetteville Women’s Clinic. William Harrison, who ran the clinic, announced last year he was retiring for health reason and closed his doors. The organization had been praying for months.

The only remaining surgical abortion facility in the state is now in Little Rock, just off the busy intersection of Shackleford Road and Chenal Parkway. On most days, there is a small gathering of participants in the 40 Days for Life program holding signs that read “Pray to End Abortion” as they pray for the women heading toward the clinic.

One lady who noticed the difference in this pro-life group was a rising star in the Planned Parenthood organization, Abby Johnson. An eight-year employee of Planned Parenthood, Johnson said she saw the impact of the peaceful, prayerful demonstrations.

When Johnson first began working for Planned Parenthood in College Station, Texas, she saw a different group of protesters outside the clinics, yelling at women walking in that they were “murderers” or “baby killers.” These demonstrations quickly turned her off to the pro-life movement. The effect was to drive the women seeking abortion away from the pro-life activists and into the clinics. Public anger was directed at the protesters, not the abortion clinics.

“When 40 Days for Life took over in 2004, that is when we saw a change. And that is when we actually started to see women making a different decision as well. We had never seen anyone change their mind at the fence. We had never had women come up and talk to the sidewalk counselors,” explained Johnson. “But when all of that radical extremism went away, and 40 Days for Life took over, all of a sudden — when it was just patience, compassion, mercy, love and kindness to the women going in — all of a sudden women were turning away from abortion and they were leaving.”

Still Johnson was not yet convinced that what she was doing was wrong. She convinced herself that the unborn babies were not lives at all and continued working for Planned Parenthood, counseling thousands of women to seek an abortion to end their pregnancies.

The focus of the organization was to push the clinic for even more abortion procedures during a time of major cuts to their budget, she said.

It wasn’t until she saw a surgical abortion performed using an ultrasound and saw what was occurring inside the mother’s womb that she experienced a transformation. She describes seeing the unborn baby literal pulling away from the abortionist’s surgical instrument as it fought for his or her life.

On that day, October 5, 2009, Johnson walked across the street to the 40 Days for Life activists in tears. She resigned from Planned Parenthood the next day. Planned Parenthood sued to try and seek an injunction from stopping Johnson from telling about what goes on inside the abortion clinics but the suit failed.

Johnson now travels in support of the pro-life organization and speaks about what goes on inside the world of Planned Parenthood. She has written a book called “Unplanned,” which tells her story.

In the meantime, 40 Days for Life still is praying for the closing of the last abortion clinic in Arkansas, which they believe will happen.

“It only makes sense to support life,” said Johnson.

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Francis Schaeffer pictured below:


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