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Republican mainstream candidate Romney slips behind Gingrich and Paul

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich appears at a news conference before a tea party rally in New York Saturday. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

Who would have thought that the mainstream candidate Mitt Romney would fall to third in the polls in Iowa behind Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul?

I am not too happy with Newt because of his womanizing ways of the past which are pointed out by the liberal columnist Gene Lyons in the current issue of the Arkansas Times.  Another reason I oppose Newt is because of his liberal tendencies of the past.  I am more inclined to support Ron Paul who is vastly more conservative than Gingrich.

Many like Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times Blog claim that these candidates can not win because they are out of the mainstream. In fact, Brantley is pulling for Gingrich to win the Republican nomination because he believes he will lose in the general election to President Obama. I am hoping that he is wrong.

Recently Peyton Hillis got on the Ron Paul bandwagon. (According to the Arkansas Times earlier this year Hillis was  named the cover star of Madden NFL ’12, the latest edition of the most enduringly popular sports video game on the market which has indicated that his stardom has risen in the last few years.) Take a look at the video below:

Evidently a close friend of Peyton Hillis has convinced him that Ron Paul is the candidate that he should support.