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Bama’s star lineman Barrett Jones puts ministry first

Barrett Jones of Alabama Crimson Tide has spent time the last two years ministering to earthquake victims in Haiti. (Barrett grew up and went to ECS where I graduated and to Bellevue Baptist where I was a member while growing up. Adrian Rogers was the pastor from 1972 to 2004.) Actually I wrote about Barrett’s faith in Christ and you can read my article at this link.

I am hoping my Arkansas Razorbacks win the game tomorrow, but Barrett Jones is a winner in life because of his relationship with Christ. He has been a Christian leader on that team and even Coach Saban has noticed.

For the second straight year, Alabama right guard Barrett Jones spent his spring break helping people in Haiti.
TUSCALOOSA — Barrett Jones felt a compelling need to return to Haiti one year after he traveled there to volunteer following the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake.
Alabama’s right guard traded the chance to relax for another week, an annual college tradition. In return, he traveled with 31 people, including 13 UA classmates and his family, to help people still struggling with daily life. They worked on a school and an orphanage, and helped feed people in need.
More than a year after the earthquake rattled the Haitians’ world to dust, Jones was still trying to make sense of his own.
“We have problems day-to-day and week-to-week in our lives,” Jones said. “We make such a big deal about them and we think they’re so extreme. You go over there and you literally see somebody who has nothing and lives under a tin roof and a mud hut, and you think how fortunate am I to come home and have food.”
Despite the passage of time, Jones still painted a bleak scene.
“I saw a little progress, but honestly not much,” he said. “There’s so much damage over there it’s like where do you start? As we know, they don’t really have the infrastructure in place to really rebuild it. It’s still a bad situation.”