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President Obama and Jimmy Hoffa together again

This is an interesting story:

Union Label: “Let’s Take These Son Of Bitches Out”

September 6, 2011


The Red Arkansas Blog enjoyed our brief respite culminating with the Labor Day holiday where we fondly remembered the days when our elementary school teachers devoted class time to a picture-drawing and letter-writing campaign to members of the local school board and administration as our teachers prepared to go on strike.

After all, using kids to further a political agenda instead of, you know, actually teaching them is a hallmark of teacher’s unions everywhere, and it is among the pantheon of things we celebrate every three-day weekend we get in September.

So it was no surprise to read about elected officials and would-be politicians of the Democratic Party of Arkansasmade sure to pander to the union label at events across Arkansas so that they may one day receive the largesse of organizations like the AFL-CIO, which spent millions of dollars of workers’ dues in Arkansas in 2010 supporting liberal politicians like Bill Halter and Joyce Elliott who, by the way, were unsuccessful.

In fact, in an article appearing in this morning’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Ms. Elliott did not equivocate as she declared before a pro-union picnic at the Governor’s Mansion that she was “labor to the core.

One further wonders is the lefty blogosphere will call out these Democrats in much the same way they called out Secretary of State Mark Martin for letting his staff attend Tea Party functions.

Probably not.

One wonders how Gov. Mike Beebe got on with the labor bosses (if he was even there) since he has expressed concern that the current National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against Boeing Corp. for building a plant (that Arkansas tried to land) in the right-to-work state of South Carolinacould be “detrimental to Arkansas’ economic development efforts.

Of course, this is the same NLRB action that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel refused to stand against, choosing not to join 16 other states in a legal challenge to the lawsuit and earning admirationfrom the Arkansas head of the AFL-CIO. (Mr. McDaniel was not in Little Rock. He was, instead, at a steel worker event in Texarkana in Rep. Mike Ross’ Fourth Congressional District. Coincidence?)

This is the same AFL-CIO that envisions a day when the NLRB suit against Boeing Corp. “ought to apply across the board to businesses.

One must wonder which side Mr. McDaniel would take if the NLRB were to sue in a case involving Arkansas? The Republican Party of Arkansas wonders the same thing:

“If our own Attorney General does not fight this blatant assault on private industry, then what will he do if the NLRB comes down on an industry looking to locate in Arkansas because of our right-to-work law?”

Which leads us to the Mother of all Union Rallies attended by President Barack Obama and his opening act, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa:

That deafening silence is the looney left and their press corps enablers NOT criticizing these remarks.

So much for that “new tone.”


We noted in the ADG article that:

Phynaus Wilson of North Little Rock, a Democrat who worked as an aide to former U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, used the event as a forum to announce his candidacy for Senate District 34.”

I guess the DPA doesn’t think highly of state Rep. Barry Hyde’s chances against state Rep. Jane English.