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Preview of Arkansas and Alabama in SEC West Football Division 2011 (SEC Preview Part 1) jh4


Preview of Arkansas and Alabama in SEC today.

I am going to preview all the SEC teams in the next few weeks. I want to start off with Alabama and Arkansas. Earlier I really thought that Arkansas was going to be very special this year. However, after losing our star running back Kniles Davis for a year with a injury just a few days ago, I am starting to wonder if we can do it without him. Harry King in his article, “Do poll voters note injuries?” Arkansas News Bureau, August 18, 2011,said that the injury to a player like Davis would mostly likely cost the Razorbacks a higher ranking 

This is the way I view it. Kniles is the guy who can ice away a victory with his hard running in the fourth quarter. I remember when UT had that great running back in 98 that cut through the Arkansas defense the last two minutes of the game like a hot knife in butter. ARKANSAS WILL MISS HIM DEARLY.

I think Arkansas will finish in the top three in the SEC West and maybe do better than that because of the unbelievable receivers!!!

I was at a Applebys the other night in Boston, MA and I was watching the New England Patriots play at Tampa. There was a lively group there watching the game. I got to leave after my meal but I could not resist speaking to the obvious vocal leader of the Pats’ fans. I said,”I am from Arkansas and I wonder if you know about Ryan Mallett who is the backup quarterback for New England.” 

He responded, “I am Rudy (not his real name) and these are all my friends…. I love Ryan Mallett. He threw several touchdowns last week and he will be the quarterback of the future.” Later Rudy said that he had been a football and basketball star in high school and was offered lots of money to play pro baseball, but got mixed up in drugs and alcohol and now he is a plumber.

I told him I was glad that he was clean now and I gave him a tract from Chick called “The Happy Hour.” I have put it below. 

Today I got to visit with a fellow named Tyler who is a student at Alabama. He is a sophomore at Alabama. He actually attended the Alabama at Arkansas game last year in Fayetteville. That is one of the few games that I could not get a ticket to. This year Alabama will be very good again. I have visited with a lot of people from Alabama this year and I have told them all the same thing. “The national championship will leave the state of Alabama this year finally but it will not leave the SEC.”

Alabama’s defense is the best and if they get the offense going then maybe the national title will stay in Alabama for a third straight year. Harry King like many other journalists have picked Trent Richardson as one of the leading candidates for the Heisman Trophy.
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