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Four Lies That Ruined the World By Adrian Rogers

__ Adrian Rogers: Four Lies That Ruined the World [#2460] Four Lies That Ruined the World By Adrian Rogers Date Preached: January 25, 2004 Time: 0930 Main Scripture Text: Genesis 3:1–5 “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, […]

Adrian Rogers: How to Answer a Skeptic

__ Adrian Rogers: How to Answer a Skeptic [#1534] (Audio) How To Answer A Skeptic Sermon Summary by Bro. Adrian Rogers We live in a day of accelerating skepticism, humanism and scientism. We as Christians are going to be ridiculed and made to look ignorant and uneducated because we believe in God. Do we have […]

Adrian Rogers: Why Do I Exist?

__ Love Worth Finding  Adrian Rogers: Why Do I Exist? [#2427] Adrian Rogers FOLLOW DONATE Listen Archives Podcast Watch on More… Why Do I Exist? “Why do I exist?”…”What is the purpose of my life?”…”Why am I here?”…Do you ever ask yourself these questions? It is so important that we know the purpose for our lives. If we don’t accomplish […]

Adrian Rogers: Is Jesus God?

__ Friday, September 25, 2015 Is Jesus God? Matthew 27:22 (Program: 2181, Program: 2181, Air date: 09.27.2015) INTRODUCTION In Matthew 27:22, Jesus is on trial before Pilate. In this passage, Jesus stood before Pilate. One day, Pilate will stand before Jesus. The question Pilate asked in Matthew 27:22 is the same question before each of us today:  What […]

The Final Judgment by Dr. Adrian Rogers Revelation 20:11-15

Adrian Rogers -The Final Judgment A time is coming when all the dreams and schemes men have sold their souls for will turn to rust, mold and corruption. God will put the final period upon the final sentence, upon the final chapter in history. Then we will stand before the Lord. Join Adrian Rogers and […]

Why I Believe the Bible to Be the Word of God Dr. Adrian Rogers II Timothy 3

Adrian Rogers – How you can be certain the Bible is the word of God Why I Believe the Bible to Be the Word of God Dr. Adrian Rogers II Timothy 3 I want you to take your Bibles please and turn with me to II Timothy chapter 3 and we’ll begin our reading in […]

Adrian Rogers’ sermon outline for “Raising Kids that Count”

Great sermon outline below by Adrian Rogers: Raising Kids That Count Proverbs (Program 2331DVD, Airing on 2/13 & 2/20) INTRODUCTION Our chief desire for our children is not that they be wealthy or famous, but that they love the Lord Jesus Christ and count for His cause. Psalm 112:2 We find in the book of […]

Remembering Influence of Adrian Rogers on Society and Culture

—-After being elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1979, Adrian Rogers met with President Ronald Reagan. ____ Earlier I wrote the post On 3-16-15 I found the first link between my spiritual heroes: Adrian Rogers and Francis Schaeffer!!!!! Francis and Edith Schaeffer pictured below:  ________________ – – Below my good friend Byron Tyler […]

BREAKING DOWN CARL SAGAN’S LOGIC ON ABORTION Part 94 Adrian Rogers has rightly said, “Secular Humanism and so-called abortion rights are inseparably linked together” (Sagan’s 1995 letter to me included) CARL SAGAN (died December 20, 1996) versus FRANCIS SCHAEFFER (died May 15, 1984)

_ If you really want to know how Carl Sagan thought then it can be summed up with the word humanism. In fact, Sagan was the Humanist of the year in 1981!!! ___________ I mailed a letter to Carl Sagan on August 30, 1995 and it included a letter that I had published that very […]

BREAKING DOWN CARL SAGAN’S LOGIC ON ABORTION Part 92 “A morality that depends on, and changes with, technology is a fragile morality” (My 1995 correspondence with Sagan) Adrian Rogers v Carl Sagan concerning infanticide!!!

The last few posts have dealt with material from Adrian Rogers and Francis Schaeffer. Carl Sagan asserted, “A morality that depends on, and changes with, technology is a fragile morality.” I would go one step further. A morality that is based on selfishness will take us further down the road to infanticide. Adrian Rogers observed: […]