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Dan Mitchell on the The Optimum Level of Government Spending

The Optimum Level of Government Spending Echoing remarks earlier this month to a group in Nigeria, I spoke today about fiscal economics to the 2022 Africa Liberty Camp in Entebbe, Uganda. During the Q&A session, I was asked to specify the ideal amount of government spending. I addressed that issue in an April interview while […]

Dan Mitchell: “Rising prices and falling income under Jimmy Carter’s gave us Ronald Reagan, so bad policy indirectly led to a good outcome. As of now, it’s unclear if there’s a new version of Reagan to rescue us from today’s version of stagflation!”

— Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden Even though I recently praised him for his support of transportation deregulation, Jimmy Carter is widely considered to be a failed, one-term president. Most people think his reelection prospects were doomed because of high inflation. I suspect, however, that he was most hurt by falling levels of real income. And when […]

Dan Mitchell “So the only effect of buybacks, bans, and other anti-gun policies is that bad guys will be better-armed than their victims”

— The Case against Gun Control Two weeks ago, I shared my response to the awful school shooting in Texas. The topic of gun controlcame up once again in a new episode of the Square Circle. Regarding my comments, it’s no surprise that I have a new reason to dislike Justin Trudeau. He’s a typical, […]

Dan Mitchell article Biden Wants America to be #1…in a Bad Way

[ Biden Wants America to be #1…in a Bad Way Based on research from the Congressional Budget Office, I’ve shared estimates of the potential economic damage from the fiscal plan Joe Biden unveiled last year. But now he has a new budget. So what if we simply focus on the tax portion of that plan […]

Dan Mitchell article about school choice! Best Political News of 2022

—- Milton Friedman chose the emphasis on school choice and school vouchers as his greatest legacy and hopefully the Supreme Court will help that dream see a chance! Best Political News of 2022 When I shared the best and worst news of 2021, I expressed happiness about how school choice is spreading across the nation. But it’s not […]

Dan Mitchell in his article notes: Socialist political commentator Ian Kochinski, who goes by the pseudonym Vaush, has said that, “One of the unfortunate truths of being a socialist is you have to accept that your nation will not get to enjoy the skyrocket GDP growth that capitalist nations get to enjoy!”

—- The Case for Economic Growth As far as I’m concerned, the huge reductions in global poverty in recent decades are the only evidence we need about the benefits of economic growth. This chart I shared in 2014 shows that output doubles much faster when annual economic growth goes from low levels (1 percent or 2 percent)to high levels (4 percent or above). […]

Dan Mitchell : ”My left-leaning friends have never been able to provide an example, either now or at some point in the past, of a poor nation becoming a rich nation by imposing higher taxes and a bigger burden of government spending”

— This article below reminds me of this quote by Milton Friedman: Because we live in a largely free society, we tend to forget how limited is the span of time and the part of the globe for which there has ever been anything like political freedom: the typical state of mankind is tyranny, servitude, […]

DAN MITCHELL ARTICLE “Courtesy of the Tax Foundation, here are the states that have lowered personal income tax rates and/or corporate income tax rates in 2021 and 2022!”

_________ The Feel-Good Map of 2022 I’ve already shared the “feel-good story” for 2022, so today I’m going to share this year’s feel-good map. Courtesy of the Tax Foundation, here are the states that have lowered personal income tax rates and/or corporate income tax rates in 2021 and 2022. I’ve previously written about these reforms […]

Dan Mitchell on SOCIAL SECURITY: “The ideal approach is to take the current pay-as-you-go entitlement and turn it into a system of personal retirement accounts!”

– Social Security’s Ever-Closer Fiscal Crisis As part of my recent appearance on The Square Circle (we discussed Uvalde police, gun control, and Ukraine), I said that the new Social Security numbers were the under-reported story of the week. For more details, I was referring to the latest Trustees Report, published yesterday by the Social […]

Dan Mitchell: Good tax policy should strive to solve the three major problems that plague today’s income tax: 1. Punitive tax rates on productive behavior 2. Double taxation of saving and investment 3. Corrupt, complex, and inefficient loopholes.

Lower Taxes on Capital = More Prosperity Good tax policy should strive to solve the three major problems that plague today’s income tax. Punitive tax rates on productive behavior. Double taxation of saving and investment Corrupt, complex, and inefficient loopholes. Today, let’s focus on the second item. If the goal is to minimize the economic damage of […]