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Dan Mitchell: Quantifying the Damage of Biden’s Plan for Higher Taxes on Capital Gains, Part II

 – Quantifying the Damage of Biden’s Plan for Higher Taxes on Capital Gains, Part II Yesterday’s column cited new scholarly research about the negative economic impact of Biden’s plans to increase capital gains taxation. In today’s column, let’s start with a refresher on why this tax shouldn’t exist. But if you don’t want to spend […]

Dan Mitchell article Quantifying the Damage of Biden’s Plan for Higher Taxes on Capital Gains, Part I

_________ Quantifying the Damage of Biden’s Plan for Higher Taxes on Capital Gains, Part I Public finance theory teaches us that the capital gains tax should not exist. Such a levy exacerbates the bias against saving and investment, which reduces innovation, hinders economic growth, and lowers worker compensation. All of which helps to explain why […]

DAN MITCHELL ARTICLE Washington DC raising taxes on itself!

_________ A Big (and Deserved?) Tax Increase for Washington, D.C.   I wrote last month about an encouraging wave of tax cuts at the state level. I’m particularly impressed by the tax-cutting plan in Arizona, which cleverly reversed a class-warfare scheme designed to enrich teacher unions. Indeed, I’m a big fan of federalism in large […]

Dan Mitchell article “Greedy?”

— Greedy? I’ve been asked why I periodically mock politicians. The simple answer is that they often deserve our scorn. It’s not that they’re evil or bad people, but their incentive structure generally leads them to make shallow, short-run, and self-serving decisions. Such as setting tax rates so high that they even backfire on politicians (i.e., by discouraging economic activity and thus producing less revenue). It looks […]

Dan Mitchell article Honest Leftists: “Your Money Is Our Money”

— Honest Leftists: “Your Money Is Our Money” What motivates the tax-and-spend crowd? Why do they want high tax rates and a big welfare state? The most charitable answer is that they don’t want anyone to suffer from poverty and they mistakenly think big government can solve problems. But there’s another answer that may be more accurate. As Margaret Thatcher observed about three decades […]

Dan Mitchell article Illinois and the Consequences of Bad Tax Policy

— Illinois and the Consequences of Bad Tax Policy At the risk of understatement, Illinois is not a well-governed state. Greedy (and hypocritical) politicians have taxed and spent the state into a fiscal hole. It ranks in the top 10 for unemployment. It ranks in the bottom 10 for Tax Freedom Day. It ranks a lowly #34 for economic freedom. It ranks in last place for fiscal […]


—- Socialism Humor I want people to understand the intellectual and empirical case against socialism, as summarized in my three-part series (Part I, Part II, and Part III). But I also recognize that most people aren’t that excited about nerdy economic-themed articles. Which is why I also use satire as a weapon against collectivism. And updating our collection of collectivism humor is the […]

Dan Mitchell article GUN CONTROL HUMOR

— Gun Control Humor It was back in May when I last shared some satire about gun control, so let’s update the collection. We’ll start with this very important public service announcement about the horrible consequences of drinking and smoking during pregnancy. Next, we know that Texans have a gun-loving reputation, both nationally and internationally. Now they’re taking the right to […]

Dan Mitchell noted, “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown privately signed a bill last month ending the requirement for high school students to prove proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic before graduation!”

— Great Moments in Government Schooling   I don’t like Joe Biden being a lackey of the teacher unions, and I think the entire Department of Education should be eliminated. That being said, intervention from Washington is the not the main cause of America’s education problems. The real problem is that we have an inefficient […]

Dan Mitchell article Social Security’s Inevitable Decline

 –   Social Security’s Inevitable Decline   It’s understandable that we’re now paying a lot of attention to Joe Biden’s risky proposals for higher taxes and a bigger welfare state. After all, it’s a very bad idea to copy the economic policies of nations such as Italy, France, and Greece(unless, of course, you want much […]