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Michael Cannon of Cato Institute speaks to Arkansas Senators (Part 1, includes editorial cartoon)

An ObamaCare Debate Challenge (Michael F. Cannon) CATO Institute Michael Cannon at the Arkansas Conservative Caucus Published on Mar 19, 2013 The CATO Institute’s Michael Cannon spoke at the Arkansas Conservative Caucus on Tuesday March 19th. Several conservatives were present. Cannon talked about how to defeat Obamacare in Arkansas & how the states can stop […]

An ObamaCare Debate Challenge by Michael F. Cannon (editorial cartoon)

Obamacare is a poorly written and because of that the majority of states may never have to put into practice.   February 28, 2013 2:13PM ObamaCare Debate Challenge: Lawrence Wasden Edition By Michael F. Cannon Share Tweet Like Google+1 Congress empowered states to block major provisions of ObamaCare, including its subsidies and employer mandate. All […]

Max Brantley of the Ark Times takes on Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute today concerning Obamacare

Max Brantley of the Ark Times takes on Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute today concerning Obamacare. I have posted many links to Cannon’s articles in the past on my blog and on the Arkansas Times liberal blog. The finest article written in my estimation was written on Nov 20, 2012 and here is a […]

Is Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute right about states blocking Obamacare, factchecker says he is wrong.

Cato’s Michael F. Cannon Discusses ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate Is Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute right about states blocking Obamacare, factchecker says he is wrong. I Have Been False* Posted by Michael F. Cannon *According to PolitiFact. In an unconscious parody of everything that’s wrong with the “fact-checker” movement in journalism, PolitiFact Georgia (a project of […]


– Proverbs 7 Living Bible 7 Follow my advice, my son; always keep it in mind and stick to it. 2 Obey me and live! Guard my words as your most precious possession. 3 Write them down,[a] and also keep them deep within your heart. 4 Love wisdom like a sweetheart; make her a beloved member of your family. […]

Federal Taxes: 1958 and 2019

—— DECEMBER 1, 2022 4:31PM Federal Taxes: 1958 and 2019 By Chris Edwards   SHARE We often hear that politicians have slashed tax rates on the rich repeatedly at the expense of other groups since Ronald Reagan was in office. A Washington Postreport noted, “Many economists say decades of cuts to income tax rates on the […]

Dan Mitchell: The Global Warming Shakedown, Part V

—— The Global Warming Shakedown, Part V Whether they call it global warming or climate change, activists on the left act as if the issue is just an excuse to extort money and expand the power of government. In Part I, I wrote about kleptocrats exploiting the issue to shake down western governments for enormous amounts of […]

Dan Mitchell: The great Milton Friedman repeatedly explained that rising prices are an inevitable consequence of easy-money policies by central banks!

——- Central Bankers Dodging Blame The great Milton Friedman repeatedly explained that rising prices are an inevitable consequence of easy-money policies by central banks. That’s a lesson everyone should have learned about 50 years ago when the Federal Reserve unleashed the inflation in the 1960s and 1970s (also blame Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon for […]

Ben Tracy: Scientists increasingly believe climate change is making hurricanes stronger!!! Tucker Carlson disagrees!!!

— — TUCKER CARLSON: Democrats use disasters to punish those who didn’t vote for them Tucker Carlson blasts Democrats for blaming Hurricane Ian on climate change By Tucker Carlson | Fox News When something this awful happens, something that affects the lives of millions of your fellow Americans, decent people step back for a moment. […]

Dan Mitchell: The Federal Reserve deserves the blame for inflation!

—— Understanding Inflation and the Federal Reserve Today’s column is about inflation and I want to start by recycling this clip from an interview back in April. The main message is that the Federal Reserve deserves the blame for inflation. America’s central bank created dramatically expanded its balance sheet starting in early 2020. This meant […]