Sixty Six who resisted “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” Debt Deal (Part 46)

Sixty Six who resisted “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” Debt Deal (Part 46)

This post today is a part of a series I am doing on the 66 Republican Tea Party favorites that resisted eating the “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” Debt Deal. Actually that name did not originate from a representative who agrees with the Tea Party, but from a liberal.

Rep. Emanuel Clever (D-Mo.) called the newly agreed-upon bipartisan compromise deal to raise the  debt limit “a sugar-coated satan sandwich.”

“This deal is a sugar-coated satan sandwich. If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see,” Clever tweeted on August 1, 2011.

Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle votes against debt-limit increase; Hanna and Owens help avoid default

Published: Monday, August 01, 2011, 7:43 PM     Updated: Tuesday, August 02, 2011, 6:38 AM

Washington — Two of Central New York’s representatives in Congress — a Republican and Democrat – voted Monday to increase the national debt limit and avoid an unprecedented financial default by the U.S. government.

But a third local member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, R-Onondaga Hill, voted against the bill, which easily passed the House of Representatives 269 to 161.

Buerkle reviewed the legislation throughout the day, and remained undecided on her vote even as she left her office to vote on the House floor, aides said.

She was the only Republican in New York’s House delegation to vote against the compromise bill. The congresswoman said she made her decision after “careful consideration and reflection.”

“There were some good aspects to the bill, but this version also creates several new problems,” Buerkle said in a statement. “At the end of the day, I was not satisfied that all my questions and concerns had been answered as to potential negative affects of this bill on the people in my district.” She did not elaborate.

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