Sixty Six who resisted “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” Debt Deal (Part 43)

Sixty Six who resisted “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” Debt Deal (Part 43)

This post today is a part of a series I am doing on the 66 Republican Tea Party favorites that resisted eating the “Sugar-coated Satan Sandwich” Debt Deal. Actually that name did not originate from a representative who agrees with the Tea Party, but from a liberal.

Rep. Emanuel Clever (D-Mo.) called the newly agreed-upon bipartisan compromise deal to raise the  debt limit “a sugar-coated satan sandwich.”

“This deal is a sugar-coated satan sandwich. If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see,” Clever tweeted on August 1, 2011.

Rehberg Statement on House Rejection of Senate Debt Limit Plan


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, released the following statement regarding the rejection of Senator Reid’s debt limit plan by the U.S. House.

“The House has passed two bills to cut current spending, control future spending and finally bring the same fiscal accountability to the federal government that Montana families and 49 states already have.  Now, finally, the Senate has proposed a plan and put it down on paper.  That’s a huge step, and while it’s certainly not the plan I would prefer, at least now we can sit down and try to find common ground to bring this crisis to a responsible end.  As it’s currently written, Senator Reid’s plan relies on more budget gimmicks instead of real spending reductions.  It delays necessary spending control until after the election.  And it brings absolutely no accountability to the federal government.  It may be good politics for the President’s re-election, but it’s not good policy for the hardworking American taxpayer.  But it’s a start, and I’m eager to role up my sleeves and find a solution that can pass.”

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